About Ideal Cases just might be the best personalising experience ever.

Thanks to our fun to use design apps, the only limitation is your ambition. Create your Ideal phone, tablet or eReader case with that family photo, company logo, favourite illustration or lyric. You can even use your friend’s Facebook photos for that perfect surprise gift. With our iPhone and iPad apps, beautiful and braggable protective cases are all at your fingertips.

For the dip-a-toe-in creatives, we have the simple app for quick and easy image upload and text editing. That unique and personalised ideal case is just a few mouse-clicks away. With our wide variety of templates your friends will be amazed by your design talents.

For the more ambitious of creatives, we have the freestyle app: a limitless design experience that has to be-seen-to-be believed. Create layer upon layer of text, clip arts, drawings, and your (or your friend’s) photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram accounts. No matter how many photos, how much colour, and how much of your life you want to capture, everything is possible.

And if all this wasn’t enough, we are busy teaming up with the world's most Ideal brands, agencies and designers to bring you cases from your favourite band, car manufacturer, sports team, book cover, icon or artist. If you don’t find your Ideal case at just let us know, after all: You are Ideal!